In Conversation Series

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January 31th @ 6:30-9pm | Loft Ubrain 5934  St-Hubert, Montreal

Pain to Passion: Building A Passion Project

A conversation on passion projects featuring three (3) incredible, creative and passionate women who are creating worthy projects and building personal brands. This event is both an intimate conversation and a personal development style workshop. As women, we collectively gather to share the “teachables” we find in our individual experiences with pain.

Pain fuels passion and passion drives creativity. Painful experiences develop our inner strength by redirecting us onto a better path that is driven by purpose and destiny. Collectively we will grow as women in sharing, teaching and learn from one another on how to cultivate our painful experiences into building projects of passion.

Join us for an evening of impactful conversations, life-improving inspiration and a glass of wine and delectables.

Featured Speakers:

Djamilla Toure is a graduate student in international relations and international law. She’s a model and the Founder of SAYASPORA, an African women-led platform that aims to create greater representation and present the diverse challenges and triumphs of African women and youth stemming from the African diaspora. Through its events and online content, the platform aims to create a space where African youth living in the diaspora can be inspired, lead, create, have a voice and find community. For Djamilla, SAYASPORA is a project that stems from a void, the lack of representation of inspiring women with whom she could identify to, from that void, SAYASPORA was founded.

As a passionate speaker, image consultant and influencer, Gerardine, teach others about how important it is to love ourselves and invest in our own image. From co-founding the lifestyle blog (now running to her collaboration as a fashion consultant on radio, TV and numerous publications, Geri has paved her way in the fashion & beauty industry (also as a model and makeup artist) to become a notable  reference in Montreal when it comes to style,  self-love and her overall image as a brand. Using her story to inspire others, Gerardine continues to grow and perfect her craft as an image consultant one project at a time.

Entrepreneur Sabrina Cassis is an experienced buyer in luxury womenswear who previously worked at SSENSE, Canada’s largest online luxury retailer, after graduating in business at JMSB and fashion merchandising at UQAM. Throughout her many years in the fashion industry, Sabrina noticed a void in the market. A shift was taking place in the industry, away from the male gaze towards an empowered and sexually liberated woman. Lingerie has long been marketed for male consumption yet it is the closest thing to a woman’s body and she wears it every single day. Sabrina started Alice Kass with the belief that lingerie should be about the woman wearing it, first and foremost.

Registration and payment are required. Tickets $10.00