3rd Anniversary Invite

Saturday, June 9, 2018

6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

La Plaza | 420 rue Sherbrooke Ouest


Join us for an evening celebration of girls education, empowerment and entrepreneurship as we recognise our accomplishments, successes and growing pains these past 3 years. Since the Spring of 2015, ForUsGirls has educated, engaged and empowered over 3,000 young girls in Canada and worldwide through its workshops, events, programs and participation at international conferences. We are destined to uplift marginalised girls from various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds; to tap into their skills, talents and dreams by living in their full potential.


Contribute to our special night and Dream, It scholarship fund.

Dream, It!

ForUsGirls, seeks to a build community for young women and girls experiencing personal development, foster support for professional growth, and invest in academic achievements. We want to support the young women registered and participating in our local and international programs with financial support in achieving their dreams.

We understand the importance of having dreams, chasing dreams and receiving support to achieve and accomplish dreams. If a girl is to live in her full potential, she needs to have the opportunity to manifest all that she desires.



Scholarship Fund

On June 9, we are launching the "Dream It" Scholarship Fund to support our community members in achieving entrepreneurial, personal and academic greatness! This fund will be available to support regional social and for-profit entrepreneurial projects, domestic & international conference & summits fees, personal travel trips and higher education programs. As living one's dream is broad and includes all areas of our lives as each dream is unique to the individual. Thus the uniqueness of the "Dream, It" Scholarship Fund!

Your support of the "3rd Anniversary Cocktail Reception: Dream It" will benefit the first recipients of the "Dream It" Scholarship Funds.

Career Day Fall 2016

The Celebration

This evening promises to be nothing short of magical! Including musical & artistic performances, program participants testimonials, volunteer recognition ceremony...overall elegant soiree.

6: 30 Guestbook & Photo booth

7: 00 Cocktail Reception

serving chef's selection of hot & cold tapas and open bar

7:30 Evening Program

9:00 End of Evening Program

We would like to thank La Plaza for their support and sponsorship of this event.