Our Approach

ForUsGirls is an international organization committed to the acceptance, celebration, and development of unique, fierce and daring young women. We create safe spaces for marginalized girls to be their authentic selves and to live their full potential. We work within a feminist, inclusive, sustainable framework. We value teamwork, creativity, and innovation as strong pillars of women's and girls empowerment.

Our Story

ForUsGirls was started in the Spring of 2015 as a community initiative with its "Brunch With Us" program for marginalized girls aged 10-17. We are committed to the celebration, acceptance, and development of unique, fierce and daring marginalized girls aged 13-17. Since it has grown into a community organization, high school girls' club, and international foundation empowering young women and girls across North America and the Caribbean.

We have received international recognition from UN Goodwill Ambassador, Advocate and Actress Emma Watson, UN Women, Vanity Fair, One Young World Organization and locally, Global News Montreal for its grassroots approach to developing young feminist minds. Over the course of 2 years, ForUsGirls have seen a tremendous impact in the lives of over 3,000 girls we have worked with. Support us as we strive to make a greater impact in Montreal, Canada, and the world by educating, engaging and empowering young feminist leaders.

Your support will provide school supplies to 6 primary schools in Jamaica, establish a scholarship fund for girls in Montreal; empowerment and leadership workshops and local programming.

Meet the Board of Directors

Every movement, idea, and brand starts with a thought, an inspiration, and a vision. It is the team that nurtures and growth the sustainability of the movement. Meet the powerhouse women leading our organization.


Aminka Belvitt

President & CEO

"My vision is that we develop girls with a sense of self to be their full authentic selves and create magic in the world."

Felicia B&Wjpg

Felicia Sangare

Vice-President, Public Affairs

"I can be defined as an epicurean, sapiophile and a profound humanitarian."

Indina Remy

Indina Remy

Chairwoman & Legal Counsel

"I would like to contribute by bringing a legal perspective to the decision-making process."

Meet the Advisory Board

These individuals provide professional expertise and counsel to the operation, development, and growth of the organization.


SheLeads Youth Council

New to The ForUsGirls Foundation. A junior council representing aged participants, graduates, and interns aged 16-24 of the organization leadership & skills development programs. These young women will provide counsel to the President and Board of Director on their young insight, perspectives, and new ideas to further develop and grow the organization. This counsel is voluntary and provides young emerging leaders executive experience in further developing themselves and their careers.


Join our team...

Support us as we move our vision forward to educate and engage marginalized girls and young women. Impact a girl's life today.