Our Vision

Our vision is a world where young women and girls both binary & non-binary are safe to freely express themselves. Our vision is for them to live in a world where they can show up as their full authentic selves, and occupy space in every area of society. Especially, in spaces of leadership, power & influence. Most importantly, our vision is for them to know that they belong in a world that practices full gender equality & equity; in the home; the workplace; society; politics & government.

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Our Story

ForUsGirls was created in January 2015 by our Founder, Aminka Belvitt. We launched as a community initiative on May 3, 2015 at the Nelson Mandela Chalet, in the Montreal borough of Cote-des-Neiges. Our first program, "Brunch With Us", created a safe, inviting, conscience and uplifting space for young girls of color ages 13-17. On that day, we committed to the acceptance, celebration, and development of unique, fierce and daring marginalized young women and girls, aged 13-17. Shortly after launching, within 4 months by invitation from Mr. Alix Adrien, Principal of Beurling Academy - we launched The ForUsGirls Foundation Girls' Club, in our first school!

Since 2015, The ForUsGirls Foundation Inc. has impacted over 5,000 young women and girls in Canada and worldwide. We now offer 3 branded programs in Canada, across 2 provinces, 3 cities, 5 primary & secondary schools with leading International Multinational Corporations: C for Coding;  Be Fierce & Daring;  SDGs Young Global Leaders Accelerator Program. In addition, to our developmental programs for young women and girls we created two new brands: ForUsGirls In Conversation & A NEW REALITY: Tech Summit for Girls, in New York City.


Our Work

The ForUsGirls Foundation Inc. is a registered not-for-profit international, community-based organization that is: committed to the acceptance, celebration, and development of unique, fierce, and daring young women and girls in Canada and the world. The ForUsGirls Foundation provides skills-based, leadership, and mentorship programs to empower young women and girls, to be community & global feminist leaders.

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Our Approach

We work within a feminist, social justice, inclusive, anti-racist, sustainable, and holistic wellness framework. We engage, educate and empower our program participants and community members. We value teamwork, creativity, and innovation as strong pillars of women and girl's empowerment. Our programs and initiatives expand across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. 


Our Story Continued...

While we were empowering young women and girls in the communities of Montreal, our Founder & President, Aminka Belvitt (Jamaican Born) had the desire to give back to the girls in her home country. So in 2017, we expanded our mission to the Caribbean in St. James & Trelawny, Jamaica.

We now support 6 schools with textbooks, school supplies, and feminine hygiene products. We are currently writing Our Story! We are our own narrators. By doing this, we are creating solutions for our own communities, nationally & globally.

Support us as we create community and generational impact, in the lives of underserved young women and girls. We are educating, engaging and empowering them to be community & global leaders. 

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Support us as we move our vision forward to educate and engage marginalized girls and young women. Impact a girl's life today.

Meet the Board of Directors

Every movement, idea, and brand starts with a thought, an inspiration, and a vision. It is the team that nurtures the growth and the sustainability of the movement. Meet the powerhouse women leading our organization.

Aminka Belvitt

President & CEO

"My vision is that we develop girls with a sense of self to be their full authentic selves and create magic in the world."

Isabella Tassoni

Administrator Director

"To quote Michelle Obama, "Success isn't about how much money you make. It is about the difference you make in people's lives."

Indina Remy

Chairwoman & Legal Counsel

"I would like to contribute by bringing a legal perspective to the decision-making process."

Meet The Executive Team

Every movement, idea, and brand starts with a thought, an inspiration, and a vision. It is the team that nurtures and growth the sustainability of the movement. Meet the powerhouse women leading our organization.

Sandra Moerch-Petersen

SAP Next-Gen Partner & Advisory Board Member NYC

"Seeing the future before your eyes in the shape of young women and girls representing a wide range of nationalities and cultures through the many great ForUsGirls activities, gives me such a deep feeling of hope for a world run by the feminine super powers of empathy, solidarity, collaboration and love"

Felicia Sangare

Director of Francophone Affairs


"When I heard of the missions of ForUsGirls I recognize myself. The soul of the organization matches my core values. I’ve always implicated myself in the education of the children and the empowerment of women, so joining FUG to continue to do that with amazing partners was not a question but a piece of evidence."⁣

Caroline Bourbonnière

Director of Public Affairs


"I plans to raise awareness and advocate for For Us Girls at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of Canadian government."

Meet the Advisory Board

These individuals provide professional expertise and counsel to the operation, development, and growth of the organization.


Meet Our Programs Team

Every organization needs warriors who carry the torch of the mission. These are the individuals working directly with our young women and girls in our local & international programs. Meet the powerhouse women coordinating our programs.


Shama Saleh

Program Coordinator

SDGs Young Global Leaders Accelerator KW


"I hope to continue to create spaces that are inclusive to all parts of our identity while helping young women of colour to recognize their magic by nurturing, molding and shaping them to be compassionate and successful young leaders."


Sara Omar

Media Relations Coordinator

SDGs Young Global Leaders Accelerator KW


"I have recently called KW my new home. I aspire to empower marginalized girls within my community by helping in providing resources and opportunities in order for them to become women who lead and social change agents."


Ummulkhair Mohammed

Community Outreach Coordinator

SDGs Young Global Leaders Accelerator Program KW

"I have lived in Kitchener-Waterloo practically my whole life. I love this community and everyone in it, to have an opportunity to support others in my community and to give back, is a blessing I couldn't be more grateful for."


Jade Parkinson-Gayle

Community Development Worker


"It is important to me that we provide young women and girls from under-served communities the full opportunity to thrive and succeed in life. In doing so, I provide emotional and social support to enhance their full experience and development in our community-based programs."

Meet Our Jamaica Team

The ForUsGirls Foundation is committed to providing girls and young women from rural and low income families with educational support, humanitarian assistance and opportunities; to continue their education, professional & personal development. Our team of highly qualified and trained educators are implementing our programs and initiatives across St. James & Trelawny, Jamaica.


Heloise Marriot

Program Coordinator

Goodwill Primary School

"I have been teaching from 1998 and as a trained teacher from 2005. I have Bachelor's Degree in Education. I enjoy interacting with the children. I love to see when my students are learning and having fun at the same time.”⠀


Tracey-Ann Williams-Vaughns

Program Coordinator

Somerton All Ages & Primary School

"“I am presently a teacher of the Somerton All Age and infant School which is in the parish of st. James. We are a small School with about 300 plus students . We have very dedicated students and teachers who strive very hard for excellence.”⠀


Shellon McKenzie

Program Coordinator

Irwin Primary School


"I am a first grade teacher at the Irwin Primary school in Montego Bay, St. James. We have a population of 747 students and 33 teachers. Our motto is Striving for Excellence.”⠀

SheLeads Youth Council

New to The ForUsGirls Foundation. A junior council representing aged participants, graduates, and interns aged 16-24 of the organization leadership & skills development programs. These young women will provide counsel to the President and Board of Director of their young insight, perspectives, and provide new ideas to further develop and grow the organization. This counsel is voluntary and provides young emerging leaders with executive experience, in developing their careers and personal aspirations.


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Support us as we move our vision forward to educate and engage marginalized girls and young women. Impact a girl's life today.