“C” for Coding

Prepares young women and girls with programming skills to start their own businesses and careers as frontend programmers and web developers. Our introductory HTML, CSS+ and WordPress sessions will provide girls basic coding skills, the ability to create their own website, an e-commerce site with digital marketing and personal branding.

Introduction to HTML

This unit includes understanding what is HTML, choosing a code editor, basic building blocks of HTML, getting started with HTML and best code practices.

Introduction to CSS+

This unit includes understanding different types of CSS, how to use it, how it saves us time, different CSS selectors, IDs, Classes in CSS and CSS comments.

WordPress & E-Commerce

This unit includes understanding the infrastructure of WordPress, how to install WordPress and hosting and then build a free website & mini store with a payment gateway.


Join The “C” for Coding Club

We are looking for special, open-minded girls who are willing to learn how to code and gain new digital skills. Register and join our coding club and make new friends. For this session, priority will be given to students within the Lester B. Pearson school board ages 10-17.

Become a Mentor or Volunteer

We are seeking mentors with strong computer programming skills and experience. We are looking for both front end and back end developers to assist our lead instructor with the delivery of the sessions. Our program consists of a 4-1 student to mentor ratio. If you want to contribute to the next generation of developers – join the team! Volunteers are also needed to support students with special needs. Complete the mentor/volunteer form here.

Group of female students coding on laptops in a computer lab. Close up of asian and afro american young women discussing.

Registration Now Open!

Starting Saturday, February 17th, 2018  until May 26th, 2018 at Beurling Academy 6100 Blvd Champlain, Verdun, Montreal. Saturdays 12:00pm until 3:30pm. Chromebook Lounge. Laptops are provided. 15-weeks web development & marketing automation training.

Regular attendance is mandatory and 80% attendance rate is required to receive a program certificate of completion. If you are not a Lester B. Pearson School Board student you will need to bring your own laptop.

Program Fee: $30  (pay what you can & sponsorship options available). Beurling Academy students program fee is subsidised by their school. Fee includes full 4-month program, lunch, and laptop. Instructions delivered by highly, skilled, and experienced computer programmers and Ladies Learning Codes mentors.


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Meet Our Lead Instructor


Neha Kiran Patel is an experienced web developer, designer, entrepreneur and business owner of www.web247.solutions.com. She has previously and currently mentors with the Montreal Chapter of Ladies Learning Code in addition to launching the ForUsGirls, “C” for Coding Club program. She works with small to medium-sized businesses to provide exposure and generate more leads through her web design and digital marketing skills.

Sponsor A Girl…

We want to ensure that every girl who wants to enroll in our Coding Club has the option to do so. Provide sponsorship to cover the program fee for a girl or multiple girls.


Spring Registration Is Closed. Fall 2018 Registration Starts in July.

Participants Website

Our “C” for Coding program participants completed the 15-week web development and e-commerce program on May 26th. Each participant presented their personalized website. Take a look at their creations!

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