February 6, 2018

Career Day

Girls and Their Career Choice

Many girls grow up hearing that they can “be anything you want to be”. Although education and career opportunities have improved, girls’ choices are still influenced by stereotypical gender roles. ! For example, a 2011 on-line survey among Canadian youth, ages 12-17, revealed that 30% of teen boys believe a woman’s most important role is to cook and care for her family.

Of those surveyed 48% of teens think that men should be the main breadwinner in the family. 1! With these perceptions of women in society – and the perception girls have of themselves, it’s no surprise that there is still a “pink ghetto” in the workforce.2

Women are still overrepresented in traditionally “female” disciplines in higher education including language, social sciences, health sciences, and education sciences. Girls rarely see women role models as decision-makers in government, media, business, STEM and other areas that shape society 3.

The Challenge

Girls and young women often face several obstacles that hinder their participation in the country’s civic and economic life. Those who come from marginalized communities are doubly isolated due to reasons of racism, poverty, and other forms of discrimination of which they can be the target. Yet, we are convinced that girls and young women have the drive, the energy, and the spirit needed to become key social actors in the creation of a healthy and equal society.

The Vision

The objective for this day is not only to allow the girls and young women to broaden their horizons as far as their professional futures are concerned but also to acquire more leadership and empowerment in their lives. We hope to offer them the possibility to meet women who excel in careers that inspire them; including many traditional careers, and often non-traditional ones. We hope to show them that women who belong to visible minorities or come from marginalized communities can excel in a multitude of fields.

Dreams to Reality

We are creating a special day to showcase Montreal's top women professionals, small businesses, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to inspire our girls to aspire what they want to be by making their dreams a reality. Lunch will be provided for all attendees. We are excited to match our girls with incredible mentors to assist them in achieving their dreams.

Become A Mentor

Are you passionate about your work? Do you want to inspire young women and girls? We are looking for women who are dedicated to encouraging and strengthening girls' and young women's empowerment.

Complete our form below. We will send a confirmation email and details regarding for Dreams to Reality: Career Day for Girls.

Career Day is made possible thanks to the contribution from Girls Action Foundation
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1.PLAN Canada. Canadian Youth Perceptions of Gender Roles and Inequalities: Cheat Sheet. Toronto, 2011. http://bit.ly/18Zy68u (November 12, 2012)

2.The Canadian Press, “More women than men have post-secondary education.” Web. 26 June 2013. http://bit.ly/12k6paX

3.Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

4.According to a business magazine, the Top 3 paid jobs in Canada are Economic Analysts, Utilities Managers, and Senior Government Managers – women are underrepresented in all three professions. Women held the majority in two fields on the Top 10 list of jobs with the highest salaries: pharmacists and school principals/ administrators – jobs that reinforce traditional career choices.