Women’s History Month

Happy WHM! Welcome to Femme Month on ForUsGirls!

Christelle Saint-Julien

Honouring Women’s history is the moment to talk about ourselves, our achievements, struggles, and yes, history, on the journey to gender equality.

We’re about accepting, celebrating and developing empowered women and girls. Our responsibility embodies inclusivity, and we’re taking action in representing all these voices.

It means to embrace, listen and give space and speak up to and for all gender identities who identify with womanhood. It means deconstructing standards of femininity,  gender assumptions, gender identity, preferences, and abilities dictated by society. We are fighting for visibility for no one to take away the joy of being your full self.

All stories, experiences from inclusive backgrounds are valid. Without your stories and conversations, the women’s movement cannot fully exist.

This month, we are cooking up a cognition of inspirational cocktails style content alongside the shine theory.  We don’t shine unless you shine. Shine bright like a diamond! 




Christelle Saint-Julien is a Montreal-based writer, translator, and musician. She has a Stockholm syndrome for the internet and may have responsible for the copy that subconsciously made you buy the pants you are now wearing. She’s always working on multiple Word documents and thinks never thinks she has anything to say but can’t stop writing about it.