Talsom Design Thinking Workshop: Supergirl x Play Now

C for Coding Program Participants

February 23, 2019

Career Day Experience: Discovering Career Opportunities Through Innovation for 13 Figure Skating Harlem Girls Hosted by

SAP Next-Gen

February 23, 2019

The ForUsGirls Foundation 3rd Anniversary Cocktail Fundraiser & Dream It Scholarship Fund

June 9, 2018

ForUsGirls In Conversation III: Passion To Passion

January 30th, 2018

ForUsGirls In Conversation I: Self-Care & Self-Love

September 28, 2017

President Aminka Belvitt, "Be Fierce & Be Daring" Jamaica School Tour

February 7-14, 2017

Beurling Academy Career Day for Girls

November 30th, 2016