Young women, and girl (binary, non-binary & transgender) of the endless possibilities and opportunities available to accomplish their goals and dreams.


Young women, girls, (binary, non-binary & transgendered) around self-development, community, and global issues shaping their realities and the world around them.


Young women and girls (binary, non-binary & transgender) to make affirmative choices in creating the experiences and opportunities they want for themselves, communities and the world.


The ForUsGirls Foundation Girls Club


The ForUsGirls Foundation Girls' Club program builds girls*' self-esteem, assist them to build a vision for their future and find their own identity within their school and community. We achieve this by incorporating innovative creativity into our approach.


Our program is based on peer to peer conversations, engagement and thorough understanding of our collective experiences, journey, and marginalization. Girls' Club participants leave more confident with gained leadership and innovative skills to create their own successes and dreams.


*Those who identify as being a girl both binary & non-binary and transgender.


Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”

- Michelle Obama

Educational Partnerships

The ForUsGirls Foundation Girls' Club program is for girls* in grades 5 to grades 12. We run our Girls*' Club weekly in primary, junior and secondary schools during the full school year. Currently, we have a partnership with 5 schools in three different school boards.

We are in partnership with the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Beurling Academy High School, Riverview Elementary, Verdun Elementary, The English Montreal School Board in Parkdale Elementary and recently Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary in Gatineau, Quebec.


You shouldn't let the things that make you different stop you from pursuing whats important to you."

- Aminka Belvitt, Founder & President The ForUsGirls Foundation Inc.

13 Unit Program Cirriculum


The ForUsGirls Foundation Program Curriculum engages program participants on the following subject matters & issues: bullying, healthy relationships, digital literacy, feminism, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, financial management, innovation & design, personal branding, social impact, academic management, mental health, and leadership.

We educate, engage and empower girls from an intersectional feminist, sustainable, queer, inclusive framework. We believe young women are a powerful collective. When provided with adequate tools, information, and opportunities they can create their own solutions and achieve their dreams.



Next Steps...

Are you looking to empower girls at your school to dream big, to be brave and take risk? Would you like to implement The ForUsGirls Foundation Girls' Club at your school? Get in touch with us to create transformative today in the lives of your students.