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April 26th | 6: 30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m | Montreal

Boss Up: Building A Business

"Something magical happens when women gather and share." - ForUsGirls In Conversation

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We're back with our In Conversation Series. This time we're discussing becoming a BOSS and building a business. We are providing the tool and knowledge to start a business, monetise your experiences, skills and talents to create your own opportunities, and jobs for others in your life and community. As well tips to be a BOSS at work without starting your own business. In addition, to discussing hot topics concerning the BOSS Lady movements by addressing these questions, are the terms "BOSS Lady" and "Bossing Up" overused? Is it used to discredit non-BOSS women by categorizing them rather than uplift and empower? Let's have a conversation about it. In an intimate setting, with light drinks and snacks.

Featuring, Stephanie Atkinson, Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, and active community member.

Featuring, Mariella Katz, Business Woman, Digital Creative, Founder & Owner of Frenzr Social Media Agency.

In Conversation, is a brand of the ForUsGirls Foundation offering curated conversations that is impact-based for personal & professional development and growth for identifying women.

Tickets $15.00 all funds benefit local and international programs and events of the ForUsGirls Foundation both in Canada and the Caribbean.


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January 31 | 6: 30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m | 5934  St. Loft Urbain

Pain to Passon: Building A Passion Project

"Something magical happens when women gather and share." - ForUsGirls In Conversation

An intimate conversation and workshop as we learn to create beautiful and impactful projects from painful experiences. With a new year we are setting the tone for new horizons, opportunities and overall personal growth. We are building on the first two events with a workshop-style on "how to build a passion project from pain". Emerge from pain, trials and tribulations to create magic. Featuring inspiring influencers, visionaries, creators, canapés and drinks! Hear from their experiences as they share how you can transform your pain into creative, successful passion projects.


• Gerardine Jeune, Image Consultant & Global TV Contributor

• Djamilla Toure, Founder of Sayaspora & Model

• Sabrina Cassis, Creative Director, Alice Kass

Tickets $10