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Local Programs

Our local programs in Montreal run in schools and community centers. We partner with Beurling Academy in Verdun, Montreal for our weekly Girls' Club. A safe space environment for girls to develop skills, ideas and thinking during lunch in middle and high schools. Starting in January 2019 we are expanding our Girls' Club to 3 additional schools; Parkdale Elementary, Verdun Elementary & Riverview Elementary.

Our "C for Coding" program prepares young women and girls from diverse social backgrounds with programming skills to start their own businesses and careers as web-designers and front-end programmers. Learning to code offers many benefits that supports the development of a well-rounded person including creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, empathy, authentic learning, and increase confidence.


At ForUsGirls we believe in developing Local Global Leaders for today! We are partnering with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to implement our SDGs Young Global Leaders weekend program. It is our responsibility as the global community to eliminate extreme poverty and create a better world for all. ForUsGirls is contributing to the efforts by training global feminist leaders to create a better world - starting locally here in Montreal.

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Are you a teacher?

Is your school in need of a feminist Girls' Club program? If so, please get in contact with us. We will send you our program overview.


High school Girls' Club

We provide an 8-month weekly program with 12 units covering topics of self-acceptance, entrepreneurship, academic & career goals, financial literacy, digital intelligence, healthy lifestyles & relations, and global citizenship. We provide an FREE lunch, engage the girls in different activities including cooking, baking, yoga, and dancing.


"C" for Coding Club

Prepares young girls with programming skills to start their own businesses and careers as frontend programmers and web developers. Our introductory HTML,  CSS+ and WordPress courses will provide girls basic coding skills, the ability to create their own website, an e-commerce site with digital marketing and personal branding training.


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Young Global Leaders

This 7-week global advocate entrepreneurial training program is for young women aged 14-122. They will develop as champions of the SDGs UN Sustainable Development Global Goals. The program includes training in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, personal branding, professional development, project management, innovation & design. Upon completion of the program each participant receives a UN SDGs Global Goals Leadership certificate.


Our mission is ambitious but obtainable with support. We are in need of educational & art supplies, baking ingredients, laptops, feminine hygiene products.