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Global Citizenship

Tap into your power, abilities, and talents to change the world by becoming a Champion for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals.

Digital Literacy

Increase your professional skills in developing understanding of digital tools while cultivating your digital presence from your brand website to your Linkedin profile.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop vital leadership skills in leading and managing a team. Learn the key to professional relationships & partnerships  while increasing your emotional EQ.

Now is your time!

The (SDGS) Young Global Leaders Program is a 7-week* global leadership & entrepreneurship training for racialized young women aged 14-22 from marginalized communities to develop young women as global champions of the UN Global Goals, and as innovators & entrepreneurs.

Participants will receive training in entrepreneurship, budgeting, fundraising & personal finance, personal branding, professional development, marketing & branding, Design Thinking, project management, and business development. At the end of each session, participants will have a required deliverable to complete. 

Throughout the duration of the program, participants will select either a business idea or social project to create in response to 1 of the 17 UN Global Goals. At the end of the program, each participant will present their business idea or social project during the program finale - open to the public. 

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Upcoming Sessions
  • Winter 2019  Montreal
  • Fall 2019 Waterloo Region 
  • Winter 2020 Montreal  II
  • Spring 2020 Toronto

Kitchener-Waterloo Region Session in partnership with The City of Kitchener

Start Date: Thursday, November 7th, 2019

End Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Duration: 6 weeks + Finale Presentation

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Program Fee: $15*



*Interested program participants will need to complete the full application form to be reviewed by the program selection committee. 

*Program fee is fully refunded upon completion of program.

Program Application

15 Young women of color will be accepted into The SDGs Young Global Leaders 7-week program. Starting Thursday on November 6th, 2019 and ending December 12th, 2019. Deadline to apply is October 31th, 2019 (midnight EST). All applicant will be notified by November 1st.

What are the SDGs?

Week 1 | November 7

We will introduce leaders to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and its significance. The SDGs are a collection of 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The Global Goals are a framework in creating a more equitable world for everyone.

Deliverable: A Problem Statement To Solve

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Design Thinking

Week 2 | November 14

Leaders will learn how to create solutions to problems by using Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a methodological approach for innovative solutions. It is an interactive and focus on the user, Design Thinking develops practical solutions for all areas of life.

Deliverable: Prototype Idea

Business Model Canva

Week 3 | November 21

Leaders will learn how to create a business & project plan by using the Business Model Canvas. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and learn startup template for developing new and existing business models.

Deliverable: Completed Business Model Canvas

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Project Management

Week 4| November 28

Leaders will learn the skill and the art of Project Management. Project Management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and keep performance indicators (KPI) for a set deadline.

Deliverable: Set-Up of Project Management Software for Business or Social Project.

Branding & Marketing

Week 5| December 5

Leaders will create the brand identity of their business or social project. They will define and position your brand in the marketplace, develop the look of their brand & key messaging, and build a tailored marketing strategy to promote their product or service.

Deliverable: Business Brand Document

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Personal Branding

Week 6 | December 5

Leaders will learn to identify and articulate your individual uniqueness while creating your personal messaging, as a professional. They will  learn to refine your digital presence across all social media platforms to create an impressive online presence while building an impactful and meaning relationships offline.

Deliverable: Personal or Business Website

Financial Management

Week 7 | December 12

Leaders will learn personal and business financing, budgeting and sponsorship request. They will learn how to control and manage their cashflow, expenses and make strategic financial decisions. Leaders will create a budget and financial plan for their business or selected social project.

Deliverable: Sponsorship Deck for Business or Social Project

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Program Fee: 15*

Paid on the start date of the program. Refundable upon completion of the program with a 100% attendance rate. Sponsorship is available for those in financial need.

Program Continuation

Guarantee Internship placement or mentorship with a mentor in desired industry, within 3 months of program completion.

Project Support

Each program participants who successfully complete the program will receive monthly project support. For the duration of 6 months The ForUsGirls Foundation team. In addition, participants will receive shared resources to attend National and International leadership conferences.

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SDG Young Global Leader's Program 
Montreal Cohort I | Winter 2019

Program Finale & Project Pitches

Shopify, Montreal.

Program Application

Do not miss this opportunity to receive top professional and personal development training from Montreal's leading business & community leaders, successful entrepreneurs and corporate mentors.

Guest Speakers

Mariella Katz

Mariella Katz

Founder & CEO Freznr

Beisan_Zubi-2 (1)

Beisan Zubi

Founder, CSR for Startups

freedom cycle-95

Alana Arthur

Global Marketing Manager

Founding Partner, Freedom Cycle

Become A Mentor

It takes a community to develop leaders. We call on women from all industries and backgrounds to support us in creating local and global community leaders. Mentor the next Prime Minister of Canada or CEO of Google. Donate your time & skills to the SDGs Leaders program.

Deadline to apply is October 31, 2019. All applicant will be notified y November 1st, 2019.

Now is your time.


Community Partner

Founded by Shamma Salehh, Ummi Mohammed & Sara Omar

ProjectUP is an empowerment initiative for young women of colour where we bridge talent and potential with opportunities. We seek to collaboratively build a space with all women of colour to create, connect and grow while cultivating inclusivity.

The ForUsGirls Foundation Inc. creates programs and experience in a safe & inclusive environment for individuals to show up, as their full selves. 


Live a life of purpose.

Sponsor A Girl

It takes a community to develop leaders. We call on professionals from all industries and backgrounds, to support us in creating local and global community leaders. Sponsor a girl or two to attend our leadership and professional development program.

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