The Movie That Tricked Me

I have a confession to make: I don’t like superheroes. I can’t appreciate anything Marvel. I even hate action movies. Yet, there are exceptions in life, and this is a major one.

The fact that Black Panther has broken just about every record speaks volume. The anticipation was palpable, yet the level of excitement exceeded all expectations. I had to watch it. Turns out that I loved it all.

There are countless reasons why Black Panther s a must see this year and for prosperity. The movie is groundbreaking in so many ways. The list of greatness includes challenging diversity with a narrative centred around black people outside of stereotypes, incredible costumes and cultural references, a wicked dose of humour, amazing visual aesthetics and a decent storyline. These aspects of utter importance are magnified by another non-negligible element of the movie, which doubled my enthusiasm.


Black Panther is a women’s world. Even if the story builds around King T’Challa, the main character, his female counterparts outshine him. Throughout the movie, not only we see more women than men on screen, these characters then hold up to decisive roles. In Black Panther, women are equal and vocal, authentic and humane. They display power, emotions, knowledge and bravery, mirroring whowe are in real life — complex characters and personalities. They are leaders, sisters, lovers, friends, leading technology just like the force, and so much more.


Black Panther marks a shift in representation, for both Black people and women. And it is such a pleasure to have these models on the screen for anyone to see, refer to and get inspired by. These record-breaking numbers are proof, Black Panther is now, and it is also for prosperity.


Christelle Saint-Julien is a Montreal-based writer, translator, and musician. She has a Stockholm syndrome for the internet and may have responsible for the copy that subconsciously made you buy the pants you are now wearing. She’s always working on multiple Word documents and thinks never thinks she has anything to say but can’t stop writing about it.