This unit includes understanding what is HTML, choosing a code editor, basic building blocks of HTML, getting started with HTML and best code practices.

Girls Code

Over 90% of girls aged 10-16 shared they prefer working in girls-only spaces to develop their math, science and computer programming girls. Our program is 100% girls only. 

Python & JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language, Python is an object-oriented programming language, a type of coding language that lets developers build sites and apps with virtual building blocks.

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Join the "C" for Coding Club

Saturdays | 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. | Starts November 23  and ends on December 14th, 2019.

Join The [/C] for the Coding Club

</C> for Coding prepares young women and girls from diverse social backgrounds with programming skills to start their own businesses and careers as web-designers and front-end programmers.

Our introductory HTML & CSS + web design program will provide girls with basic coding skills; the ability to create their own website; knowledge of digital marketing & personal branding. Join us for the 10 weeks of fun and challenges!

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We're heading to the Apple Store Downtown Montreal for our Spring & Fall 2019 Sessions.

What happens when a lemon and a traffic cone collide? Using artist Sarah Rothberg’s creative approach and art, you’ll learn how to code an augmented reality experience. Whether it’s happy, wacky or weird, you’ll combine AR elements in Swift Playgrounds on iPad.

Our Apple Creatives will take you through creative and coding exercises. Recommended for beginners ages 12 and up. Devices will be provided. Learn about Coding with Swift Playgrounds.

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Become a Co-Instructor, Mentor, Volunteer or Guest Speaker

In "C" for Coding, we learn, we code and we have fun. To provide a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable learning environment, we are building a collaborative team of passionate volunteers to be co-Instructors, mentors, volunteers and guest speakers.

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Sponsor a Girl...

We want to ensure that every girl who wants to enroll in our <C> for Coding program has the opportunity to do so. Providing financial sponsorship will cover the program fee for girls from low-income families to participate. Financial contributions also provides support for our volunteer technical instructors.